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Parts for solar installations


OTTOSSUN ENERGY SYSTEMS, Flemish company specialized in solar energy, developed its own photovoltaic (PV) range containing the best components available on the international market.  

Ottossun Energy Systems delivers as well panels for superimposed assembly as panels for BIPV (built-in PV: own patent) as well as photovoltaic tiles. The Ottossun products are assembled according to ISO 9001 standard and are inter alia certified EC, IEC 61215 (ed.2), IEC 61730 ( including electric safety class II). All our panels are equipped with JA Solar and CEEG photovoltaic cells of 1st and 2nd class (cell output of 17.5 to 18%) which assure you  top-of-the-bill panels. Moreover, we introduced among our tests on the solar modules the EL insufficiencies detector, which excludes the modules with microscopic cracks, and keeps only the perfect ones. This way we can guarantee the output during 25 years. Our panels also have bypass diodes which avoid - in case partial shadow (effect of mask) – losses, overheating and degradation of the PV cells.